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The Avalon Academy of Magic and Wizardry
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History of Avalon Academy of Magic and Wizardry

The Avalon Academy of Magic and Wizardry is a school outside Danvers, Massachusetts. Started in 1636, the same year as the famous Muggle University of Harvard. It was offered as a Wizarding equivalent in the New World. Based on basically the same premise as Hogwarts, the much older and much more established Wizarding School in England, Avalon offered a place for young American Witches and Wizards to receive a quality education to rival anything in the Old World.

Wizards had long established themselves in the New World with the original colony of Roanoke, which, contrary to Muggle history, was not lost. It 'disappeared', but use of a very powerful series of shielding charms. It was clear that even here in the "New World" many of the same old prejudices were just as prevalent as in the "Old World". American Wizards set themselves apart for the sake of peace in the sprawling new land, making friends with the magical peoples already living there.

When disquiet and outright bigotry broke out in Old Salem, Massachusetts, what few magical people who still mingled with the Muggle population moved even farther away. Magical communities such as Roanoke, VA, Rausch Gap and Azilum,  PA, Red House, NY, Ong's Hat, NJ and many other towns throughout the country slowly disappeared or appeared to be "Ghost Towns" to local Muggles, hiding a very active and vibrant Magical community.

Peace filled those first years and four members of founding families went together to start a new magical school. These people being: Randell Lathem, Emme Marrimoth, Edwarde Seklemore and Wenefred Powell. Each a powerful wizard in their own right and each concerned for the education of those to come.

Randell Lathem, an adventurous man, who had come from England to make his way in the world, courage and strength of will his concern. Emme Marrimoth, a learned woman for her time, who had taught her own children and those of others, who understood the importance of books and study. Edwarde Seklemore, from an old and powerful wizarding family, believing purity and power most important. Wenefred Powell, a loving woman with a keen mind understanding how important each was in their own way.

Avalon's houses are named for each of these founders and students are sorted to help nurture their strengths and abilities.

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The Avalon Acadamy is a RP game set in the Harry Potter Universe, but with original characters set in North America.